This bracelet represents your commitment to be a better ally and friend to the black community and people of colour. To be a good friend means to stand up for one another and to speak up when you hear or see injustice.  We created two bracelets' to honour and devote ourselves to being better humans now and forever -- to stand up and be loud against racism but also to take action, to educate ourselves and to give back.

100% of proceeds from these bracelet's will be donated to Bodi Batu which translates to ‘l'union fait la force’ which means, ‘Together we are stronger’ -- a charity providing financial support to a small orphanage in RD Congo as well as a women’s co-op, Centre d'Appuie à la Promotion Féminine d'Intenga (CEAPPROFEMI) to assist in obtaining equipment to support agricultural initiatives.

The Chez bracelet is made of sterling silver with five rhondonite gemstones which are said to be an emotional balancing stone that nurtures love and encourages the sisterhood/brotherhood of humanity. Stimulation and healing of the heart, it is thought to be a stone of protective power.

This partnership felt serendipitous when I stumbled upon and connected with the beautiful and talented Dawn of Chez Kwetu who creates Afro Bohemian Home Décor here in Ottawa.  Not only is her positive energy contagious, but we seem to create alike in that some of our best idea's come to us in our dreams.  Her newest collection Nouveau Départ (New Beginning) reflects beautiful pieces which speak to her upbringing surrounded by love, nostalgia, food and laughter in Kananga. Her textiles are outsourced from Africa, Mali and Kinshasa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.  Her pieces use handmade components from artisans in Africa -- they tell a story which is reflective in Chez’s creative process.  Together we can help to spread love and grow side by side. Our efforts hand in hand will provide financial support to small orphanages to ensure children have food on their table every month, necessities such as toiletries are provided, schooling becomes an option and eventually, infrastructure maintenance and renovations can be improved (bathrooms, art, decor, etc.)

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