Crystals in relation to your Zodiac Sign


Crystal Clarity

Even though they are millions of years old, crystals seemed to have shot to fame overnight like a teenage popstar. Forged during earth’s formation, crystals are now used in everything from household decorations to beauty products and can even be found in cell phones and satellites. They respond to all the different energies around them and emit vibratory frequencies, which is why they are essential to modern technology. Because they store, transmit, and transform energy, they’re also key to our pursuit of health, wellness, and spirituality.


Every Strand a story...

When looking for the right crystal for you and your spiritual path, the seemingly endless options can become overwhelming. Every crystal has a different purpose, so it depends on what you want to focus on. As crystals can help you connect to your intuition, they allow you to get in tune with your true self and harness your inner unicorn. And as different crystals have different properties, some are distinctly attuned to each astrological sign.

Aries: Carnelian will complement your inner voice, Citrine can aid in the manifestation of your dreams, and Garnet increases your endurance.

Taurus: Peridot helps with your courage, while Carnelian helps with your energy. Pyrite is said to ensure your hard work and perseverance pay off.

Gemini: Jade brings peace and removes negativity. Rutilated Quartz helps connect you to your highest spiritual state. Carnelian being out both your inner joy and your inner power.

Cancer: Moonstone helps you harness your energy. Red Jasper is  said to help your stamina. Abalone can make you more perceptive to what others are feeling.

Leo: Garnet can fuel your passions. Tiger’s Eye can support your soul’s evolution. Carnelian strengthens your personal power and stimulates your creative thinking.

Virgo: Red Jasper grounds you and keeps you centered. Kyanite helps you go beyond your comfort zone. Jade brings you abundance and prosperity, while getting you back in touch with nature and keeping you down to earth.

Libra: Lapis Lazuli helps you with solid decision making. Citrine can promote your optimism and balance your energies. Labradorite can clear your mind and protect your aura.

Scorpio: Citrine can invoke feelings of happiness, joy, and serenity. Malachite transforms negative energy into positive, so that you can heal emotionally. Amethyst brings you peace of mind.

Sagittarius: Bronzite can bring big changes in your life. Citrine allows you to reconnect you with your inner self. Turquoise can help enhance your natural intuition.

Capricorn: Azurite can stimulate your divinity. Peridot is considered to remove envious feelings to help with your relationships. Garnet, your birthstone, is known to make you feel rejuvenated.

Aquarius: Aquamarine can enable you to be more forgiving. Yellow Jasper can aid with what’s burdening you. Your birthstone, Amethyst, can bring balance to your life.

Pisces: Amethyst calms you down when you need to relax. Chrysocolla helps soothe a broken heart. And Aquamarine can bring you insight.

Their powers of healing and transformation are what make crystals a big part of our modern-day self-care routines. People want to carry crystals around with them wherever they go, and jewellery is the best way of doing that. Here at Hailey Jane we incorporate crystals in many of our pieces, as we want our clients to not only look their best, but to also feel their best. Feeling good holistically can also relate to the love you give to others and to yourself. Contact us to chat about creating a custom piece featuring crystals.

Heading into International Women's Week with the power and knowledge of your most complimentary crystal energies - CHECK!

Happy Sunday lovers xo