I was introduced to jewellery making after au pairing in Milan in 2008, where I took note of Italian fashion and culture. I was enamoured by the intricacies and detail of Venetian beads mixed with vintage relics. The contrast of soft, feminine design flirting with gritty detailing was unique - and as this modern take on colour and design earned praise, jewellery became a beautiful creative outlet.

Through Hailey Jane, you can shop my own inspired and carefully curated designs. Together we can create custom dream jewellery for either your wedding day or every day. Pieces to love madly for those who live wildly, whatever your definition of wild may be. 



In the summer of 2014, my beloved father unexpectedly passed away. Uncertainty, chaos and grief washed over our family. Loss is such a unique journey for everyone. Rod's presence was so strong - he was wise, charismatic and extremely loving. They say you never get over something like that, you only get use to it. Deciding I would not dwell on what could not be undone, I decided to make him proud and to celebrate his many lessons by making something for myself. I chose to just "go for it, Hunny!" and this little business was born. I think today he would call me a 'smarty-pants girl' and that makes me smile. 

If we've worked together designing your custom jewels or chatted over social media, you know I'm seriously sentimental and giddy for all the details. My work focuses on sentiment and style - it’s jewellery for every day with points of connection. Romantic pieces for the playful and modern woman. Hailey Jane collections play on symbolism and storytelling. Pieces representing the magic, femininity and individuality of those who wear them. We want you to experience moments of magic - by way of feeling beautiful in jewels, creating nostalgia through emotion, treating and loving yourself, and enjoying life’s simplicities. There is so much life to be lived in a world where nothing should be taken for granted - celebrate the goodness that is sprinkled in every day.

I'm so thankful for Hailey Jane, allowing me to live out my dreams. I'm endlessly grateful for you, supporting me along the way since 2015 when it started as a fun hobby from my bedroom, what now seems like a distant memory. I knew I would get there, with a bit of perseverance, grit, and courage. As young women, we strive for and seek out the aha moments of what success feels like. Success is finding the things that make you feel happy and excited to be alive. I hope this business and brand encourages you to follow your dreams too. That's the goal, to express our individuality and unique femininity through everyday bits of magic. My vision related to holding on to the memories that make us who we are - that sweet sweet feeling of nostalgia, while figuring out and growing into who we want to be. 

Today it's so much more than I could have hoped for - a place to connect, to show my art and to share in love stories. I dreamed of feeling this proud and excited about what was possible to create for myself.  

Thank you for being along for this wild ride of mine.