Hailey grew up in a loving and charismatic family. As the youngest of three sisters, she loved to stand out in fashion forward looks to get her sisters attention. She vividly remembers her 90s mauve plastic bead case full of rainbow treasures and a satin emerald skirt lined with faux fur (which would be oh so in today, thank you very much).  She dreamed of becoming a unicorn when she grew up, and if that didn’t work out, an artist.  Luckily her second choice has worked out nicely. 


After au pairing in Milan in 2008, Hailey took note of Italian fashion and culture. She was enamoured by the intricacies and detail of Venetian beads mixed with vintage relics after being introduced to jewellery making.  The contrast of soft, feminine design flirting with gritty detailing was unique - Hailey’s modern take on colour and design earned her praise and jewellery became a beautiful creative outlet ever since.


Hailey’s work focuses on sentiment and style - it’s jewellery for everyday with points of connection. Romantic pieces for the playful and modern woman.  Hailey Jane collections play on symbolism and storytelling - we love florals, shells, astrology and gemstones. Pieces representing the magic, femininity and individuality of those who wear them. We want you to experience everyday magic - by way of feeling beautiful in jewels, creating nostalgia through sentiment, treating and loving yourself, the spirituality that crystal meaning brings, or enjoying life’s simplest moments. There is so much life to be lived in a world where nothing should be taken for granted - hone in on the goodness that is sprinkled in every day and celebrate beautiful moments.