The Metals

Hailey Jane Jewellery is made with a variety of quality metals and organic gemstones which will ensure your keepsakes last. From solid gold at our top end, to 14k yellow and rose gold fill and sterling silver throughout our collections. Our few vintage inspired offerings will often marry brass, stainless steel, plated 14k & 18k gold and rhodium. Materials will always clearly be labelled so that you can choose the best piece for you, and as always please reach out if you have any questions.

Gold fill means a layer of solid gold has been bonded to the base metal - this means your piece will not tarnish and can be worn to the gym, in the shower, and basically at all times. We wear ours daily in conjunction with our wedding bands!
These metals are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic for most people, unless you have an extreme allergy and can only wear solid gold.
Perfumes, oils from your skin and pollutants can transfer to your jewellery and should be cleaned periodically. To restore to a brand-new shiny lustre, try using a jewellery polishing which will bring your pieces new life!  Check out our FAQs page where we go into detail with jewel tips to keep your pieces looking realllll fine for a long time.


Care should be taken when cleaning your jewellery to protect the layer of gold from being worn away or nicked.  Do not use abrasive compounds to clean your jewellery and ensure you wipe it with a soft fabric.

Due to the nature of hand-crafted delicate jewellery, please wear, handle and store with care.  Store your jewellery away from moist areas, and preferably in the gift bag it came in, or your treasured jewellery box.


Hailey Jane Jewellery is entirely handmade and therefore there will always be some variation between pieces.  These pieces are fine and delicate and should be handled with love and care.  Normal wear and tear on jewellery items are not considered a fault.

If you feel a piece is faulty, or if breakage has occurred, please contact our team so that we can make it right.


Hailey Jane pieces use predominantly natural, organic stones.  These can naturally vary in shade, colour and shape.  Stones shown in online images may not always match the stone in the jewellery piece purchased, though we make every effort to ensure they are twins.